Reasoning with an Optimist

First published in 2011, this book tries to ease you into doing the hardest thing you can possibly do: change how you see the world. Let me know how you're doing with it!

bee-cover -2-

Sensitive Beekeeping

Published in 2016 by SteinerBooks, I try here to teach how you can be with bees without fear, so that you can approach them without a veil nor gloves. When you allow yourself to be vulnerable to another, you are more sensitive to their needs and wishes. Bees can tell when we respect them, or when we are simply their master, and they respond positively.


Touching Death or Tocando la Muerte

This is a dual-language book, which I've always enjoyed, since you can do two things at once: read a book and learn another language. And now, with the rise of idiot-supremacy, it is not enough to be non-racist. We must be anti-racist.

I hope that this book will show you a way to strengthen yourself to resist the daily attacks on your sensibilities. Let me know if you would like a copy.


How to get these books?

The bee book is available online, but the other two are from me. I don't sell things well, so if you want them, just ask me for them.