Hackers play

For a year or so, hackers have had fun here, though you don't see it. Every day, they attempt to log in (I see you!) and I limit their attempts to 2. Then they must wait 72 hours to try again their 2 attempts. THERE ARE OVER 30 ADDRESSES ATTEMPTING TO LOG IN. Why do they waste their time? (Answer: "they" are not people.)

Also every day there are comments posted that go to me for approval. I never approve them, as they are either in a Cyrillic alphabet or promoting a sad product or both. I put them in the trash EVERY DAY.

It is a thing I do. If someone sincerely posts a comment here, I would likely miss it in my mass deleting. Sorry about that!

This site is mainly so that you see my email to know how to write me directly. Please do.

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